Restaurant Options

The Rapid City Council voted 7-2 to allow certain businesses to begin the process of reopening with stipulations.

The council in late March passed an emergency ordinance in response to the growing concern of COVID-19. The ordinance forced businesses like bars, restaurants, and other public gathering locations to conduct businesses via delivery, take out or curbside service. Some businesses tried the alternative, but many admitted it just wasn’t enough to keep operating.

Monday night’s resolution, which takes effect Tuesday, will allow those businesses to reopen but follow over a dozen guidelines that echo recommendations from the C.D.C.

Businesses must maintain a six-foot distance between tables, chairs, and bar stools. That distance, however, does not need to be enforced between people who share a household.

And, instead of limiting businesses to ten people or less on the premises, the council ruled businesses not exceed 50-percent occupancy instead. For example, if a businesses maximum occupancy is 100, they could not exceed 50.